May 19th


Richard Tindall goes pitchside with McDonald’s and Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett have joined forces with tantrum director, Richard Tindall, to create these charming 20″ spots for McDonald’s who sponsor grassroots football up and down the country to be aired on Channel 5. Key to the heart of the campaign was using real people and locations, kicking off with Hampstead FC followed by Orpington Rovers .  Shot on their home pitches Tindall has managed to tune into the atmosphere of Saturday and Sunday league football teams with a natural look and feel to the spot whilst also tapping into the enthusiasm and dedication everyone involved. These capture something you only get from kids today who are growing up fast and ready not just to play the game but to talk it too. Beautifully graded by George K at MPC and an end frame that really adds to the mood of the film, these spots make for a truly heart warming campaign.

April 2012