Amanda Blue

Amanda has a unique talent in creating thought-provoking and emotionally potent films. Her breathtakingly beautiful work frequently leaves you with tears in your eyes, the kind that also make you smile.

Raised in Australia, Amanda moved to London to complete a Master’s Degree in Film and spent four years honing her craft working alongside lauded film director Mike Figgis. She went on to direct her own documentary films, winning many awards both in the UK and internationally. As one of Britain’s leading documentary directors, she’s unearthed the humanity and hilarity in people as diverse as John Prescott, Al Murray, Daisy Donovan and the everyday person on the street.

Amanda’s advertising work quickly gained her equally widespread recognition with Dove ‘Mothers Body’ winning at Cannes Lions, New York Festivals and Kinsale Sharks whilst Haven Holidays won a CIMTIG. Following that, Fairy ‘Never Stop Hugging’ went stratospheric with over 3 million hits in its’ first week live.